• January 3, 2014
  • By Chuck Jones
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Suspended Coffees

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I am constantly torn by the plight of those who have far less than me. Less food. Less warmth. Less love.

Sometimes, it seems to be a hill that is too steep to climb. But I'm always reminded of something I heard once: Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you shouldn't do something. That's one of the driving forces behind Chuck's Roast commitment to donating coffee to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

But here's another idea. It's called Suspended Coffee, and they describe it better than I could:

Every once in a while an idea comes along with the potential to truly make the world a better place. Suspended Coffee is one of those ideas.

First, it’s simple. You walk into a coffee shop and instead of buying just one cup of coffee, you buy two, or more. You buy one for yourself and one for someone in need.

Second, it’s direct. You do not need to worry if your money is going to actually help someone or just to take care of a charity organization and its overhead and expenses. You also do not need to worry whether or not your recipient will use your gift to buy alcohol or drugs. You can directly control which food or beverage you would like to donate.

Third, it’s win-win. You not only support a person in need, you also support your local business and all its employees. Your money does not go to another state, country or continent. It stays right in the neighborhood where it was spent.

Lastly, it can be used for more than just coffee. You could buy a hot bowl of nourishing soup, a filling sandwich, water, fruit, bread, or a full meal. Suspended coffee’s simplicity makes it easy to duplicate with other food items.

What's more human than providing a warm cup of coffee - and just some warmth - to someone not as fortunate as you? I can't wait to suspend some coffee, or a meal, next time I have the chance.