• May 6, 2014
  • By Chuck Jones
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Rwandan Half-Caf Prime Cut

geography-of-rwanda0Here's another Prime Cut!

I was able to get a small supply of coffee from Rwanda. Rwanda is a small country in central Africa, known more for its civil war in the 90s than its location in the heart of that coffee-growing region of the world.

My prime cut is a blend of Jomba Vunga and a Kanzu Swiss-water-process (SWP) decaf. Like most coffees from Africa, this has an earthy flavor, with some subtle apple notes and a hint of mulling spices. Even with its earthy flavor, it has a surprisingly clean feel - not bright, but clean.

I prefer to brew the sample a little on the light side - 11 cups of water instead of 10, which allows for the flavor but accentuates the clean mouth feel.

This is delicious coffee, but what else would you expect from Chuck's Roast! I don't have a lot, but you'll get a 2 oz. sample FREE with every order over $30 (3 bags), while supplies last. Hurry!

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