Chuck’s Roast Well-Done

Bold and full of body, Chuck's Roast Well-Done is our darkest roast. If you're a fan of Fourbucks and other high-price coffee houses, you'll appreciate Well-Done even more. Our blend of the world-famous Costa Rica Tarrazu (grown at high altitudes in volcanic-rich soils) and Sumatra Mandheling give Well-Done an earthy, complex taste and generous mouth feel without the bitterness all-to-common in retail brands. A wonder of any dark roast coffee is that it takes on different characteristics depending on brewing method. To get the full range of flavor, use an auto drip. For maximum body, try a French press. And for sheer boldness, grind it finely and use an espresso method. Any way you choose, Chuck's Roast Well-Done will soon be a favorite.

Whole beans! 12 oz. bag only $13.99

12 oz. bag for $13.99 (ground +$1.00)
Whole beans! For the office, 5 lb. bag only $74.99

5 lbs. of medium-grind for all brewing methods.
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