Chuck’s Roast Rare

Chuck's Roast Rare is just what you'd expect—our lightest roast. Light-roast coffee retains a lot of the natural flavors of the coffee bean. It's generally brighter, has slightly higher caffeine and is, well, lighter on the palette. Chuck's Roast Rare is no different. It has a bit more acidity, and floral undertones (moderate, not overpowering!). Our blend of Kenya AA (the highest grade in Kenya), coupled with a mild, Bourbon-varietal of Brazil Santos makes this a perfect coffee for breakfast. Whether you want 4 cups or 10, Chuck's Roast Rare will deliver a cup you'll want to fill again and again.

Whole beans! 12 oz. bag only $13.99

12 oz. bag for $13.99 (ground +$1.00)
Whole beans! For the office, 5 lb. bag only $74.99

5 lbs. of medium-grind for all brewing methods.
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