2019 Chuck’s Roast Holiday Blend

It's back for 2019! Last year I introduced a new Holiday Blend and you loved it. So why mess with a good thing! I start with a Colombia Supremo bean, roasted medium- to well-done. This year, I added toasted almond and cinnamon flavoring, along with rum molasses. This is great for parties, your friends at work, or just to sip every day at breakfast. Your home or office will take on the beautiful aroma of the holidays.

And once again, to make your holiday giving more convenient, all Chuck's Roast Holiday Blend is ground Chuck's! So don't worry about whether your friends and family have a grinder. Send them some!

I only produce a limited quantity each year. So don't miss out. Order your Chuck's Roast Holiday Blend today!

12 oz. bag of Holiday Blend (ground Chuck's only) $15.99

Eleven (11) bags for the price of 10! $159.90.
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