Chuck’s Roast Extra Lean

Decaffeinated coffee has an unfortunate reputation for having no flavor and, without caffeine, no value. But for years, I've enjoyed cup after cup of Chuck's Roast Extra Lean (our decaf blend). In fact, I've served it to unsuspecting guests just to see if they could tell! It's no different than any other coffee: use quality beans, roast them the proper way, grind them while they're fresh and you can expect a very enjoyable coffee experience. Extra Lean is a medium-roast blend of four of our neighbors to the south: Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico. Most is high-grown, and the result is a cup of coffee that rivals its caffeinated counterparts in every way. Except for the buzz.

Whole beans! 12 oz. bag only $13.99

12 oz. bag for $13.99 (ground +$1.00)
Whole beans! For the office, 5 lb. bag only $74.99

5 lbs. of medium-grind for all brewing methods.
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