• April 23, 2014
  • By Chuck Jones
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It’s Not Always About Coffee

The Chuck's Roast family exists because we're a bunch of people who love coffee. Nothing wrong with that. But I want it to be about more than just coffee. I'd love to know that we can share life in some small way, even though we're spread across 21 states and counting.

So, here's a post from a blog that I love - Marc and Angel Hack Life. The blog is always thought-provoking. This post is entitled 12 Things You Should Start Making Time For Again. It is worth 10 minutes to read, and another 10 minutes to think about. Trust me, caffeinados!

How do you like my coffee?

I won't know if you don't write.

I want you to enjoy my coffee, and I want us to be friends. Nothing would make me happier than to create a new community of people who love good coffee. If there's anything I can do to improve Chuck's Roast , please let me know. Use this contact form. I want to hear from you!