• February 16, 2015
  • By Chuck Jones
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FREE EkoBrew K-Cup with Chuck’s Roast Sampler!

300Here's an offer for all K-Cup users.

Order a Chuck's Roast Sampler - one of each of my roasts - and I'll give you an EkoBrew Reusable Filter FREE! Make it Ground Chuck's and I'll give you the grind I believe is perfect for your K-cup coffee maker.

You see, few weeks ago, I found myself doing some work in an office with a Keurig coffee maker. So, I decided to see how Chuck's Roast would taste in a reusable filter. To my surprise, I thought it wasn't bad. I was using my standard grind and, after a little experimenting, I arrived at a good amount of coffee to use.

Then, I started playing with the grind. Too coarse, the coffee just flowed through and didn't pick up much flavor. Too fine, the water flowed too slowly and actually backed up in the coffee maker. But a grind that was right between medium and fine and I hit on an acceptable cup!

So, I decided it was time to convert some K-cup enthusiasts to Chuck's Roast.

The EkoBrew is a nimble little filter. It's not quite as convenient as the normal K-cups. But Chuck's Roast is just a better coffee than what those K-cups contain - fresher, tastier. And the footprint you leave on the environment is far less, not to mention a much, much lower cost per cup.

Why not give Chuck's Roast in a K-cup a try! Click here, visit the Chuck's Roast Coffee Shop and buy your sampler TODAY!