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  • March 11, 2014
  • By Chuck Jones
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Chuck’s Roast Prime Cuts

photoWhen I launched Chuck's Roast, I wanted to offer five different coffee roasts that coffee lovers could count on for a great cup of coffee 24/7/365. Rare, Medium, Well-Done, Blackened and Extra Lean do that. If you like one, you know it'll be the same bag to bag.

Now comes my first Prime Cut!

I love micro-roasting. Microlots are coffee beans from small, distinct areas of the world, sometimes down to the farm of one single coffee grower. (Think of the difference between North Carolina apples and an apple you picked on Joe Smith's farm.) As a practitioner of the local food movement (in a non-coffee growing area of the world), it's just cool to think that I can help support a specific micro-area (or grower) by purchasing that coffee and distributing it to other coffee lovers.

That's what Chuck's Roast Prime Cuts are. My first is a very nice Brazil Fazenda do Sertao Catuai. This is a single varietal coffee from Fazendo do Sertao, the farm of Nazareth Dias Pereira. It is located in Carmo de Minas. This is an excellent coffee with classic nutty Brazil roast tone (hazelnut, macadamia) turning more toward cocoa in the medium roast that I've finished it.

From time to time, I plan to have full 12 oz. bags of my Prime Cuts for sale. But not this one. Instead, I'm offering a 2 oz. (10-cup) Ground Chuck's sample for all orders over $20 (while supplies last). Place your order by visiting the Chuck's Roast Coffee Shop. But you'd better hurry. I don't have a lot. (That's why it's called a microlot!)

  • March 7, 2014
  • By Chuck Jones
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On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone’s Irish!

irish_coffeeI'm the human equivalent of the quarter horse. I'm 1/4 Scottish (mother's father), 1/4 English (father's mother), 1/4 Welsh (father's father), and 1/4 Irish (mother's mother.) Even so, my family didn't grow up drinking whisky (that's the Scot coming out in me!).

So, imagine my surprise the first time I had an Irish coffee. Didn't expect that! The pedigree of a drink is sometimes tough to come by. But not so much with Irish Coffee. According to Chow:

The story behind this immensely popular beverage is that Irish bartender Joe Sheridan created the rejuvenating brew during World War II to greet weary Yankee travelers arriving by seaplane in the wee hours of the morning. Interestingly, the Irish drank whiskey in tea, but Sheridan apparently knew the American palate and had the wherewithal to substitute coffee.

It's an absolutely delicious drink. Warm going in, warm going down. As Chow writes, The best Irish coffee should be treated no differently than the naked brew. Use high-quality, freshly ground and brewed beans, and always whip your heavy cream without sugar right before serving.

With St. Patricks Day only 10 days away, I thought I'd give you the ever-so-simple recipe for Irish Coffee, and a gentle Irish reminder that if you want to enjoy one with a really great coffee, you'd better visit the Chuck's Roast Coffee Shop and place an order today.


  • 4 ounces freshly brewed Chuck's Roast Coffee
  • 1 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • Dollop of freshly whipped cream
  1. Combine the coffee, whiskey, and sugar in a hot Irish coffee mug; then float whipped cream on top.