Coffee. The favorite drink of the civilized world.

Thomas Jefferson

Why Chuck's Roast?

I know what you're thinking. Drink Chuck's Roast? Let me set your mind at ease. It isn't meat! No animals are harmed in the production of Chuck's Roast. Ever. It's coffee. Good, fresh-roasted coffee! But there is a lot of coffee out there. Large, well-known brands. Boutique roasters. So why should you choose Chuck's Roast? Well first, it has no fat, no cholesterol and almost no calories. But here are three really good reasons why Chuck's Roast should be your coffee.

Superior beans.

Superior beans.

I use only superior-quality beans from the great coffee-growing regions of the world. Beans are shipped directly to the roasting facility, and stored in a climate controlled environment. They retain all of the goodness that made me choose them in the first place.

Roasted well.

Roasted well.

I perfect my roasts to the specific bean. All coffee beans are not the same. They roast differently. Chuck's Roast Coffee beans are roasted like they are supposed to be. Then, I've carefully created blends that bring out the distinct characteristics of each. 

Delivered fresh.

Delivered fresh.

Fantastic, perfectly roasted coffee beans will stay fresh for about 2 or 3 months. Most coffee doesn't even make it to the shelf before then. I ship every bag of Chuck's Roast soon after it is roasted. So Chuck's Roast is fresh. Guaranteed!

And I stand behind every bean with my Bottom of the Bag Money Back Guarantee!


The Coffee Shop

Four Custom Roasts. One Decaf. And an occasional limited-edition Prime Cut. Whole Bean or Ground Chuck's. Your choice. And remember, I stand behind every bean. (Scroll down to see my two guarantees!)


And always – FREE Shipping on EVERY order over $20!


Good coffee. It's a simple pleasure that just makes life better. And everyone deserves some simple pleasures. So for every sale, I donate fresh, just-roasted coffee to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Charlotte, supplying food and grocery items to assist people in need. Together, you and I will help make some tough lives a little better. Thanks for stopping by!

Chuck Jones

Click here to learn more about Second Harvest.

The Chuck’s Roast Guarantees

I want every cup of Chuck's Roast to be the best coffee you've ever tasted. That's why I offer two guarantees.

Top-of-the-Bag Freshness Guarantee

Fresh-roasted coffee has to be just-roasted. Otherwise, it's not fresh. I roast each week, and I don't keep a huge inventory. Your Chuck's Roast may take a couple of extra days to arrive, but when it does you'll know it was shipped within days of when it was roasted. Just roasted! No exceptions.

Bottom-of-the-Bag Money Back Guarantee

Grind every bean. Drink every cup. If you get to the bottom of the bag and haven't enjoyed Chuck's Roast for any reason at all, I'll give your money back. No exceptions.

You'll love my coffee! Click here to start your order.

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If this is coffee, bring me some tea. But if this is tea, bring me some coffee.

Abraham Lincoln


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